The event will be held at Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome, a museum and working airfield in Essex, by kind permission of the charity’s CEO and trustees. 


OOC camping is available on site in a concealed area, with limited OOC indoor sleeping space available. IC camping is available, with bell tents providing IC sleeping space


In our game, RAF Stow Maries has been hastily pressed into service as a temporary sector control station, after German bombing badly damaged the 11 Group control rooms at RAF Uxbridge. Stow Maries has been serving as a ground station for the Chain Home radar system, but is now also providing a home to several of the fighter squadrons from the damaged airfields.

Life on Base

When not on duty, the WAAF and RAF personnel share the same base. They eat meals and drink tea in the same mess hall, attend the same station events and have all the complicated relationships that any group of people sharing a living space in a high-pressure situation do.


The new base commander is eager to build a community spirit and has instigated a number of social activities. The first of these is the opening Friday Dance, which will take place in the Mess. This will let you meet everyone’s characters, establish your relationships in person, and perhaps enjoy a quiet flirtation.


The Mess is always open, and a good place to gravitate to when you aren’t needed elsewhere. You can always find a biscuit and someone to gossip with there, and it’s the first place people will come looking for help. It’s also where all meals are served, and these will be available in shifts to enable every Watch to eat.


If you want somewhere quieter, the Chapel is also always open and welcomes worshippers of all denominations. Although Stow Maries doesn’t yet have its own chaplain, base personnel are able to seek solace and advice from each other in this more secluded space.


More private still is the Pilot’s Ready Room, where the RAF hold briefings and prepare for missions. A small room, set back from the road and facing away from the rest of the base, this is the ideal place for a moment of stolen romance.


For the more socially inclined, there will be a cricket match after lunch on Saturday - RAF against WAAF - and a concert in the evening which will require rehearsals throughout the day. There will also be several visitors to the base with varying agendas, who need to be entertained. 


The Operations Room itself is the heart of Stow Maries. Located opposite the Mess, this is where you will work when on shift. The three Watches operate in staggered shifts so there will always be an overlap of personnel. There’s the opportunity for healthy rivalry between Watches, which should not be indulged whilst on duty but can find expression in various ways outside the Operations Room.


Finally, there’s the post to take care of, plenty of paperwork to look at (with or without permission), and a never-ending need for tea.