Pre-game is an important part of this event, helping you arrive on base with an established community and knowledge of your role. Once you have confirmed your character, it’s time to start building relationships with other players and fleshing out your backstories. This is done by putting out a Looking For Relationships (LFR) call on a dedicated Facebook page that might look something like this:


Mrs Daisy Fairham (26); worried, clever, talkative, widowed

Radar Operator

Looking for:

- childhood friend: we grew up together and have always been close. You helped me through the death of my husband.

- village rival: we belong to the same W.I. group and you constantly beat me in the baking competitions.

- unrequited romance with pilot: you flirted with me once at a base dance and never looked at me again but I’ve held a torch for you ever since.

- old acquaintance who knows a secret about me: we haven’t seen each other in a few years, but you still remember.

Once you have confirmed who your relationships are with, and what they are, you can build on that through letter writing, exchange of backgrounds, or even pre-game gatherings. By the time you arrive at the event you’ll already have several player-generated possessions and strong foundations for IC relationships.


On the Friday afternoon of the event there will be a series of workshops to teach you the basics of life on a WW2 air base. Some will be run out of game, such as a brief recap of recent history or how to recognise and react to Air Force ranks. Others will be run in game, including training on the radar and plotting table, and aircraft recognition. These are designed to help you get the most out of this style of game, making sure you’re all familiar with the work you do and the cultural attitudes of the year.