Our first priority for Wing and a Prayer is to make an enjoyable and welcoming experience for everyone involved. However, WaaP contains some central themes which have the potential to cause upset if not approached carefully. This document has two purposes:


  • To lay out what is and is not acceptable behaviour when interacting with other players

  • To ensure that everybody has a clear understanding of the themes on which the game will be based, and on the themes which will not be a part of the game.


We are also aware that the player base is likely to contain people from different nations, with widely varied experience from varied LARPing cultures, so we felt it important to lay out some ground rules to make our expectations clear.


Players who act in ways prohibited by this document will be given a warning by the organisers and asked to adjust that behaviour. If they do not, they will be asked to leave the game. In serious cases, especially where the organisers are concerned with the wellbeing of other players, they may be asked to leave the game immediately.

Game Themes

We have rated the themes below according to how they fit into Wing and a Prayer:

  • Green themes are central to the game - you should expect to encounter them, and they are areas players are encouraged to explore in play.

  • Amber themes are not excluded from the game but are not central and require more sensitivity. You should check-in out of character with other players before bringing these topics into your play with them.

  • Red themes are not part of the game and must not be brought into it.


We will run a short workshop before the game starts to go through these themes to ensure they are fresh in everybody’s minds.


While the green themes do encourage some forms of discrimination based on characters’ characteristics (gender and nationality) - it remains unacceptable to discriminate on Out-Of Character characteristics of players. If you wish to scream insults at another character, find insults which do not reference characteristics the player did not choose (e.g. race or body shape.)


Green Themes

Central to the game. You are likely to see this within the game, and this is something players are welcome to explore.



The stories of women at war are also stories about sexism, and a struggle for equality. While we’re allowing our WAAF much more influence on events than they had, there will still be plenty of times when they suffer the injustices of the era. All WAAF characters will be female and RAF characters will be male, but your character’s gender presentation does not have to match yours.



This is a World War, and as such, there are allies from all over the world coming to England to join the services. This is naturally the source of much interest from many young Brits, and while most are simply curious about their new foreign friends, there are also culture clashes and out and out xenophoic responses. Choosing to play someone from another country is fine, but be aware you may come up against some negative reactions.


Violence (talking about it)

It is natural that characters who have seen extreme levels of violence and destruction will want to share this with their friends. There may also be simulated injuries during the game.

Amber Themes

These topics are not excluded from the game, but require sensitivity. You must approach other players Out Of Character and gain their permission before playing on these topics with them.



We feel that there is potential for some interesting stories to be told about gay relationships during war, and players are welcome to explore these if they wish. However, please remember that during this period of history, such relationships could result in prison sentences. Characters with homophobic views are perfectly in keeping with the setting. No one wants to spend a whole game sitting in a pretend prison cell, so consider your actions carefully before outing/reporting your colleagues.



We recognise that, in a war setting, some players may wish to explore themes around both recent injuries and longer term disabilities. However, we may have players with real-life conditions which require mobility aids, assistive technology etc. who do not wish disability to be a theme of their character’s game. Therefore, injured or disabled characters will be introduced at workshops during the game. Any other disabilities should pass without comment.


Physical contact: violent

Violent contact between characters is allowed, including unarmed brawling. At some point before combat you MUST check in with the other players and ensure that everybody is comfortable with the idea of fighting, as well as exactly what sort of contact you are all happy with. Bear in mind players that may have come from a variety of LARP traditions and may be used to assuming very different levels of physicality when acting out combats.


Physical contact: romantic

Before initiating any physical contact with another character, you must approach them Out of Character and establish mutual consent.


Red Themes

These themes are not acceptable within our game in any form. Anybody playing on them will be warned, and may be asked to leave the game.



Players of any gender may be playing as WAAF or RAF personnel. Please assume these characters are female or male respectively.



We do not consider than this is a topic we can approach faithfully and sensitively, whilst also making it enjoyable for everyone. Therefore please do not bring up topics of race.

Sexual assault, non-consensual sex, sex with minors

These have no place in our game. Neither references to these topics, nor trying to play through scenes like rape or threats of sexual violence will be permitted.

Game Mechanics / Calls


This is a very rules-light game; the few calls and mechanics are all logistical, dealing with safety, intensity management and starting/stopping the game.


Time In/Out

The organisers will use these calls to start and end the game.


Stop the Game

To be used in the event of a serious injury or dangerous situation which requires gameplay to be stopped until is is resolved. If this is called, everyone within earshot should immediately stop play.


I need a cup of extra strong tea

To be used if a player finds a situation too intense/overwhelming and needs to step away without breaking the flow of play. Upon use, that player should immediately be excused in character as smoothly as possible so they can leave the scene. The player can either go to any other In Game area, or to the Crew Room if they prefer.


Variation: If you want to check on someone else that you think might be overwhelmed, ask them ‘Do you need a cup of extra strong tea?’ and help them leave the situation if necessary.


Deal with it on Monday

To be used when something cannot be accommodated in-game but will happen to the character off-screen later. Can also be used if a player doesn’t wish to do something that their character would have to do.


Example: A Watch Supervisor orders a Plotter to sharpen all the pencils in the Operations Room. The Plotter responds: “Yes, ma’am. I will deal with that on Monday.”


Crew in brown coats

From time to time, you will see people in brown warehouse coats wandering around. These are crew members who

are currently off-duty and either grabbing some food or just taking a break. In Game, they are personnel who do

unimportant and unexciting things on base and, while you can acknowledge they exist, you shouldn’t attempt to

engage them in roleplay. If you need to send an In-Game message to the organisers, you can ask one of them to

deliver it for you. Otherwise, please treat them as set dressing and continue playing around them.



If you wish to complain about the behaviour of another player or member of the event crew, please contact Nick

Bradbeer or Liss Macklin via the Facebook event group, or email


Players acting in violation of the policies outlined above, or causing distress or discomfort to other players, will be

warned once and asked to leave the game if their behaviour continues. In serious cases, where the facts are beyond

reasonable doubt, players may be removed from the game immediately.

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