For a list of the on-base personnel, ranks, and players, click here.

WAAF characters will be formed into Watches. Off shift, their time is their own; to spend relaxing, roaming or engaged in other duties. On shift, the WAAF will spend their time in the Ops Room, detecting and responding to German raids. The following positions are available:


- Radar Operator: detects aircraft positions on the radar and reports them to the Telephone Talker

- Telephone Talker: relays Radar/Allied aircraft reports to the Ops Room; relays Ops Room orders to Allied aircraft

- Plotter: tracks and marks aircraft positions on the Ops Room map table, assembling the air picture and monitoring interception points

- Command Supervisor: coordinates all personnel, information and orders


Personnel will typically have additional duties when not on shift in the Ops Room. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Medical Officer: cares for all medical requirements of base staff, ranging from general health to emergency response

- PT Instructor: organises and runs the daily Personal Fitness Training for base staff; monitors fitness levels for all personnel

- Met Officer: analyses weather data and brief the command staff

- Entertainments: coordinates and produces various entertainments on base, such as monthly dances, the Christmas play, etc.

RAF characters will be flight crew in the squadrons controlled by Stow Maries Air Base. Obviously, these groups of people have a primarily military role, but they also drive much of the interaction you’ll have with others. Your fellow pilots, your gunners and your navigators, are the characters you will live and die with.