Is this game only for women?

​No. The primary focus of the game is the role of the WAAF but there will be places available for RAF pilots.


Can men play WAAF?

Our only gender restriction is on characters - WAAF must be female characters and RAF must be male characters.

Are we camping?

There are no bunks available on site. You can camp In Game or Off Game, and we have a limited number of In Game bell tents available for use. There is limited space for indoor roll-mats in the crew room - if you desperately want one of these, rather than camping, please contact the organisers. Alternatively you can take a room at a nearby hotel - click here to see a list of options.

Can I crew instead of playing?

No. We have a very small crew to run this game, all of whom have already been selected for specific roles. But thanks for the offer!

Is the game 24-hour Time In?

There will be no Time Out call on Friday night, but nor will any plot events be scheduled between 00:00 and 07:00 on Saturday.

What time does it finish?

We aim to call Time Out at around 23:00 on Saturday, but this is flexible depending on how exhausted the players are.

How accessible is the game?

The site itself is fully accessible by wheelchair. There are no stairs, and a disabled toilet is available. We will also have an Off Game space available for ​those who need to take a break.


Please note, however, that WAAF characters will frequently be put in stressful situations and will constantly need to handle numbers. These factors are fundamental to the game and cannot be avoided.